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Harriet ... where it all began

In a previous post I mentioned the brief story of Daniel and the amazing transformation of a young person from poverty to empowerment in Rwanda. Where encouragement, concern and love as well as (by western standards) a modest monthly "money investment" over some 18 years changed his life for the good ... and for ever. The story of Harriet has almost identical characteristics but the intention of why she was sponsored is worth noting. Dalaine lost her father, his passing happening only a short time before Dalaine and I married. Dalaine was given a small inheritance and rather than use it on herself (and possibly me) she wanted very much to sponsor a little girl in Africa, the same way I had a little boy.

Harriet came from a very impoverished area of Uganda, an area decimated previously by two brutal genocides and the AIDS pandemic that had its origins in Uganda in the same exact area. Only 20kms from the Tanzania border on the main highway the disease quickly spread along the highway where much of the housing is. However, the poorer people live on the flood plain, and not by their own choosing....in my next article I will explain why.

For some 14 years Harriet has become a beloved family member too. We receive from her some of the most beautifully soft, sincere and totally genuine communications. She is humble, softly spoken, yet strong Christian, and has great values. If you met her, you would love her as much as we do. Despite unbelievable odds and enormous hardships this now 22-year old has metamorphised into the most beautiful young lady.

The change in appearance is stunning ...as the two photos below show. She is studying at University in the countries capital Kampala in the area of Social Services and will one day use her skills to help people in poverty. We continue to support her to that end.

On the left - Harriet in 2015, On the right - Harriet today

PS ... The beautiful clothes that she is wearing are not designer labels but rather a birthday gift from her brother and are easily found in the markets of Kampala. Often people wonder how those with nothing appear to be wearing " nice clothes" when they attend Church on Sunday. They do that to honour God and it amazes me how they can keep their white shirts, for example, "whiter than white" in the rain and with so much mud .....it's called going to church in their "Sunday Best" (an old pre-1950's saying).

Please continue to follow our journey there are some unbelievable stories to follow!!!



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