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Excitement time has ramped up!!

Hello from Wolli Creek ( ... just beside Mascot Airport, Sydney, Australia)

We had a wonderful send off from Heritage Court - the cleaning staff put on a shared lunch which was so honouring, we were humbled and blown away with a generous gift to help with the Bakehouse in Uganda. Check out the wonderful cake/cupcakes that our wonderful Cake-Artist Tenna W made in the photos below. Not shown was the wonderful meal provided by the Courtyard Restaurant Staff .....it was incredibly good....just world class!!! And they too also dug deep to honour the work being done in Kakuuto, South West Uganda. That along with a dear friend's bequest, and the owner of one of our wonderful overseas tour companies giving a very generous donation, close to $1900 will be going with us specifically to pay for several much needed projects.....more about that soon. Every dollar donated goes to the project in bricks and mortar type building funds and there is no admin costs or wastage.

The past few months I have had to focus on my work....endless days and sleepless nights ....the wall of images above my desk reminded me of what was ahead and where our passion lies. Over the next six months, we will visit many people and our hope it to make a real difference in many lives. But it all started with the two most amazing young people in all of Central Africa:

Firstly Harriet whose inspiration started the whole thing going ... from 14 years of sponsorship as a Tear Fund Child and continuing with us as we sponsored her through University. She is counting down the days and writes very regularly to remind me of the number of days left until we visit her in Uganda.

And secondly - the handsome young man in the photo is Daniel. We have sponsored him for over 15 years and similarly through university. He has fought seemingly impossible odds and is amazingly creative ... there is a very unique "I love you" t-shirt doing the round of Rwanda.

Both of these young people share something incredibly important ... they both desperately want to help the poorer people of their communities to rise up out of poverty, and I know that with our help (yours and mine!) - they will see their dreams come reality!

Have a very blessed Easter friends as you remember the sacrifice that was made on the cross,

Lindsay & Dalaine


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