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The Next Adventure ...

Hello friends!

Well, its been a very busy year as we took on the management of a 34-bed Motor Lodge in the middle of a major renovation ... but we can see the end! We finish our contract here at the end of March and it has enabled us to do what we love for the next 6 months ... travel to remote places and visit some of our wonderful sponsored children. Please follow this blog to keep up-to-date on our adventures and tales along the way, and follow our other blog www.thebestbakehouse.org to see what's happening in Uganda at the Bakehouse that many of you have supported.

Here's our full itinerary which includes stops in Africa, Greece, Croatia, Spain, Tenerife and then back to Greece and Italy, you'll hear more from us when the adventure begins!

Friday 30 March: Fly Christchurch to Sydney (2 nights) to Johannesburg SA (1 night) to Kilgali, Rwanda. Here we will have 3 nights with one of our sponsor sons Daniel who is now at University.

Thursday 05 April: Fly Entebbe, Uganda and drive to Kakuuto the next day. 7 nights in Kakuuto with Pastor Stephen and the team at the Bakehouse and our sponsor daughter Harriet and her family.

Friday 13 April: Back to Entebbe - Fly to Athens via Istanbul. 4 nights in Athens.

Tuesday 17 April: Fly to Dubrovnik via Istanbul. 6 nights in Dubrovinik.

Monday 23 April: Ferry Dubrovnik to Hvar (7 nights) and then on to Split (7 nights). Then bus to Zadar (14 nights)

Monday 21 May: Fly Zadar to Frankfurt to Barcelona (3 nights)

Thursday 24 May: Train to Valencia (4 nights)

Monday 28 May: Train to Alicante (5 nights)

Satuday 02 June: Alicante to Gibraltar (3 nights ... Dalaine's birthday on Sunday!)

Tuesday 05 June: Gibraltar to Malaga (10 nights)

Friday 15 June: Fly Malaga to Tenerife (14 nights) Here we will meet one of sponsor families from South America and holiday with them.

Friday 29 June: Fly Tenerife to Athens (2 nights).

Sunday 01 July: Travel from Athens to Skopelos (30 nights)

Tuesday 31 July: Transfer from Skopelos to Santorini (8 nights ... Lindsay's birthday on Monday!)

Tuesday 07 August: Transfer from Santorini to Mykonos (7 nights)

Tuesday 14 August: Transfer from Mykonos to Crete (10 nights)

Friday 24 August: Fly to Naples (2 nights)

Sunday 26 August: Ferry Naples to Amalfi (3 nights) to Positano (3 nights) to Sorrento (3 nights) to Pompeii (1 night) to Rome (2 nights)

Friday 07 September: Fly Rome to Perth via Dubai - visit with family. From here we will have a few days in Sydney on the way home to Auckland on Wednesday 12 September. Then we'll see what our next adventure will be!!!

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