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The Importance of Making Donations to Uganda

Many people ask us what happens when I make a donation Uganda. We cannot stress enough that all of the proceeds go directly to those in the country and those we know are in poverty. Hundreds of people's lives have been changed with our team's help and support and those who make a donation Uganda. The generosity is overwhelming; those who work with us to help these people. What we saw when we started was a lot worse than what it is now. People are beginning to do for themselves, but much more work needs to be done, and there is much more poverty to overcome. Our dream and vision are alive and well when we first saw everything when we left New Zealand. We want to help and make a difference, and it is our passion, along with our team's spirit, that can get us to our goal one day. When everyone is tending to themselves and has eliminated poverty through acts of kindness, our work is done.

Donations to Uganda are what we rely on to survive and for these people to survive. Some worry about scammers who always ask for money. We offer proof of your donations to Uganda as we deliver a list of what your money has done for these people, along with pictures for your records. Even those who offer donations to Uganda get more than a heartwarming feeling; they get to add it to their tax deductions for donating and helping the needy. Most people do not realize how little effort it is to contribute to a charity and good causes. Imagine all of the people in the world. If one person offered one dollar, one time, we could end all of the hunger, poverty, and everything that plagues this world with the billions of people we have in the population.

Mother Planting
Mother Planting



With your support, we can change the lives of children and an entire community living in poverty. We can ensure you that 100% of your donation made to Make My Name Count goes directly to the project in Uganda. At any time, you can ask us for reports and photographs of the difference your donation has made.

"Those of us who are WARM ad DRY and SAFE and WELL-FED MUST SHOW UP for those who are COLD and WET and ENDANGERED and HUNGRY. That's a RULE OF LIFE. Every ETHICAL and RELIGIOUS and SPIRITUAL TRADITION in the WORLD AGREES on THAT RULE"

- Elizabeth Gilbert -


Make My Name Count exists to call on people to collectively contribute, to build resources for one of the most impoverished regions around the world.


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