Make A Donation Uganda

The Importance of Making Donations to Uganda

Many people ask Lindsay and Dalaine why Uganda?. It is a very fair question.

 Lindsay is a Travel Industry veteran and during many years of travel has been to or lived in 107 Countries. Giving of their own money requires diligence but when they ask for other people to give... this requires even greater scrutiny.  

So the question was...where was the greatest need ......

It would be naive to think they could eliminate poverty in all of Africa. It would be equally naive to think they could even make a sizeable dint in the level of poverty in Uganda..... but nothing will be achieved if you simply sit back and do nothing. 

The key was starting with  Harriet ....then the Bake House which led to the Orphanage and now the building of the Hope Education Centre. 

Each was a progression from a small Harriets case it started with putting 6 small light bulbs in their little mud hut...the Orphanage of Hope came with the donation of 20 Mosquito nets. 

Lindsay and Dalaine had the advantage of seeing first hand the conditions, meeting and forming a life time trust and love with the people who would be carrying out and completing each project. 

This absolute trust , honesty and intregrity has never been questioned and the results speak for themselves. 

Every day Lindsay is in contact with Pastor Cogan at the OOH and he is in regular contact with Pastor Stephen at the Kakuuto Community Bakehouse. 

There is still more to be done and more kind and generous people to be found....maybe you are one of them....we would love to hear from you...