Lindsay has written 3 fantastic books which help you discover the simple truth of how to live well and do the right things in life. In the 3 books you’ll get practical, real information for people of all ages, worldwide. Written in simple, easy-to-understand language, these books will teach some of the basic fundamentals and inform how the world has turned personal debt into a plague of gigantium proportions… Who started it and why?


Many people have commented on the titles…to some the thought of dying can be daunting….but we need to celebrate the art of living…by doing the best we can , in the relatively short time we have.


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All book sales go towards our missions. We are passionate in helping address desperate poverty in the third world and in particular giving children resources to make a difference in the circumstances they live in. Learning from each other is a rich and priceless experience. Giving time and resources to others makes living truly worthwhile and fulfilling!





Die Old Die Well

How Do The Banks Keep You Poor?
- Quote Page 69.

I compare banks giving you more money on loan ( credit) to that of drinking poison.If you were dying of thirst , any liquid would be a relief….if only for a short time.
It would give you a short reprieve but it would certainly kill you in time…
Banks lend money on the expectation that you will repay the loan. They are more than happy for you to repay the loan slowly. By it being repaid slower means the banks make more money.On a traditional Mortgage you will probably pay back 3 times the amount of what you borrowed from the bank…..

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Die Old Die Rich

The simple way to learn about finances – credit cards, investments, debt and interests!

– Quote page 19.

‘ I hope the people who dreamed up the concept of creating a peice of plastic that would allow almost unlimited access to funds on a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year basis,….were paid a percentage of profits that credit cards generate for the banks.
I fear they were not.
Probably merely salaried employees,who came up with a great idea that made their employers incredibly rich”. 
104 Pages | Published 2007 | 

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Die Old Die Happy! is about putting in place certain important building blocks that are essential for a long and a forfilled life. Happiness, is something we all aspire to, but sadly many fall a little short. We talk in this book about Goals and Values, Misplaced Love, Learning to Work Smarter not Harder, Materialism …Why It destroys The Soul,, the essentials of dying happy and much much more…in an easy to read and understand book.

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