We are Lindsay and Dalaine Walker, two ordinary New Zealanders determined to make a difference in the world. We have seven amazing sponsor children in Africa and South America and are grateful to have been able to visit each one of them. Our desire is to build much needed resources for our sponsor children, their families and the wider communities. We pay for all our own travel and arrangements, money raised through paypal and other fundraising initiatives will go directly to the projects.


We live in the beautiful town of Oamaru, New Zealand. We love to relax with great people and great food. Dalaine likes getting creative with her wheat free cooking and organic vegetables from her garden. Whilst Lindsay enjoys photography and more recently trying to take photos with his drone. He also enjoys collecting rocks, mineral shells and watching the weather - especially tornados (not that we get any in Oamaru!) We are both involved in leadership at our local church, House of Breakthrough Oamaru.

Lindsay visited Harriet in Kakuuto, Uganda in 2015 and was blown away by the level of poverty that she lived in. He saw many areas where he could help Harriet, her family and the wider community. Working closely with Celebrate Hope Ministries (www.celebratehopeministries.com), Lindsay and Dalaine have gained the expertise and regional knowledge to make these projects happen.


You can read more about our overseas adventures,
including our time with our other wonderful sponsor
children, at our blog site here.

Celebrate Hope Ministries  is a charitable trust and registered society in Uganda. We have found this organisation very trustworthy with a similar vision to provide a better lifestyle for the people of Uganda.   





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administration goals.  

Every dollar raised through the MMNC website goes in its entirety to the promised "bricks and mortar projects" that will benefit the most people in the area of greatest need .

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